Thursday, December 10, 2009

New nosh

I had an interesting catchup with Clinton Beuvink and Chris Moore, owners of Nosh food market, at their new store in Mt Eden yesterday. The Dominion Rd store has just opened, and it’s really fantastic. What I like about Nosh is not that its full of gourmet treats (which it is), but that it’s also full of everyday food, at really good prices. The veges, meat and fish are fresh and look great, and are priced extremely competitively – it’s like a really, really nice supermarket without all the washing powder and fizzy drinks. I for one like a smaller selection of things to choose from – an edited selection, you might say. It doesn’t bother me that Nosh doesn’t have ten brands of canned tomatoes, because they have my favourite one.

I’m super excited that Nosh is opening in Matakana next week, in the old Stubbs butchery space. I’ll be taking a sneak peek soon, so I’ll report back!

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