Sunday, May 30, 2010

Annie’s rice waffles

Makes 2-3 waffles

Basic recipe:
1 cup fine white rice flour
1 1/4 measuring cup of any soy milk (or regular milk or half milk, half water)
small pinch salt

Step 1 Place all ingredients in bowl and stir thoroughly with a metal spoon.

Step 2 Heat up the waffle maker on full heat. Once heated fully (green light turns on with most waffle makers) then turn back a few notches. Put an oven-timer on for 6 or 7 minutes.

Step 3 Pour batter into the waffle maker to just under the top lip. Check waffle after about 5 minutes to check colour and crispness. After 6 or 7 minutes, or when you are happy that it is cooked through, lift out gently with a small sharp knife or spatula.

Use these waffles as a GF alternative to:
Pizza base
English Muffin

Try adding blended cooked pumpkin or kumara for a sweeter crispy waffle

Use corn meal instead of rice flour for a lighter waffle with tasty flavour

Add mashed tofu for a nice puffy waffle with nice flavour

Add blended or finely mashed banana for a sweet waffle

Topping ideas:
• Mashed banana, tahini and honey
• Pizza ingredients
• Avocado dip – mashed avocado, salt to taste, soy milk or yoghurt, - garlic, squeeze of lemon juice or 1 tsp tahini

Tips :
• Mixture can be saved overnight in fridge
• More flour makes a thicker waffle that is more bread-like or could even be a pizza base ,
• Less flour makes a thinner more crispy waffle , both nice, have an experiment *

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