Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Super duper peeler...

I have had a few emails from people wanting to know what the brand is of the 'super duper peeler' I mentioned in my latest column in the Sunday Star-Times.

The gadget in question doesn't have a brand on it, but it did come with a photocopied sheetwhich I dug out of the drawer, so here is the info:

The peeler is the "Prep Chef" and it looks like they have a website here where you can order:

I paid $10 for mine (they had 2 for $20) so I'm not sure what the deal is with pricing here, but I suggest you send them an email (you can tell them I sent you if you like). :) 

It really does work better than it looks. This thing doesn't just peel, it shreds and juliennes, and I have found it really easy and fun to use. From a left hander who finds some regular peelers a bit of a pain (literally) that is saying something.