Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Super duper peeler...

I have had a few emails from people wanting to know what the brand is of the 'super duper peeler' I mentioned in my latest column in the Sunday Star-Times.

The gadget in question doesn't have a brand on it, but it did come with a photocopied sheetwhich I dug out of the drawer, so here is the info:

The peeler is the "Prep Chef" and it looks like they have a website here where you can order:

I paid $10 for mine (they had 2 for $20) so I'm not sure what the deal is with pricing here, but I suggest you send them an email (you can tell them I sent you if you like). :) 

It really does work better than it looks. This thing doesn't just peel, it shreds and juliennes, and I have found it really easy and fun to use. From a left hander who finds some regular peelers a bit of a pain (literally) that is saying something. 


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Unknown said...

Hi I'm glad you loved it.
Please feel free to contact me if you do wish to purchase more via email
Or pick up Mt Roskill Auckland (Please email to arrange)
Pricing is still the same
$15.00 each or 2 for

1 year warranty provided upon every purchase