Thursday, February 7, 2013

febfast - one week down!

As some of you may know, I'm an ambassador for febfast, which means that along with many other participants I am giving up alcohol for the month of February. Here's how it's going so far...

Well, it’s a week into febfast and so far, so good! It hasn’t been too difficult to this point. Only a couple of times have I thought to myself “Oh, I’ll have a wine”, and then had to check myself the second later, realising that I’m not doing that at the moment! Mostly those times have been late afternoon, early evening; about the time when we would usually open up a bottle. But once over that hump, I haven’t found myself craving wine, even with my meals. 

Finding interesting things to drink that are not sickly sweet has been a challenge. Chilled water with lime slices is nice, but a tad boring after a while. Many of the bought drinks are just too sweet for me. I have started to brew my own iced tea from fruity herbal teas, which have no sugar and are quite refreshing. These seem to go quite well with food, generally speaking. My favourite so far is the Bell green tea with berry; this has a nice bitter undertone from the green tea with a hint of berry sweetness. 

Sandy is doing febfast with me, which has made a big difference I think. I’m not having to watch him drinking while I sit on my soft drink. 

We have been having a slight disagreement, however, over eating out. I really want to go to the Engine Room for dinner, which is just up the road from our new place, and has fantastic food. I don’t see why we can’t go, eat the fantastic food and not drink any wine. For sure we’d probably really be tempted, since of course wine is going to complement great food and we are in the habit of always having the two together. Sandy says no way, it just won’t be as good without wine. But I say, why not? We should be able to go out and do normal things, just like we always do, and not have alcohol while we do it. I don’t see why we should avoid all restaurants just because we can’t drink.  This will be an ongoing discussion. What do you think? And does anyone want to have dinner with me if my husband still obstinately refuses?! 

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