Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back in Japanese mode. Low FODMAP style

While at the Christchurch Gluten Free Food & Allergy Show, lots of people asked me about the FODMAP-friendly recipes in HFG. I replied that we have some, but we would be doing more. What I just realised today, of course, is that most of my recipes are actually low-FODMAP. That is just how my cooking has evolved.

Here is the most recent example, devised this evening. The pork recipe actually is based on one in the Australian Women's Weekly Japanese recipe book, which believe it or not I have found a really good Japanese recipe resource. 

Teriyaki Pork with pineapple; greens with sesame sauce and steamed pumpkin

Serves 2

300g stir-fry pork pieces (I used Perfect Pork)
1/3 cup mirin
1/4 cup tamari
3cm piece ginger, grated
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
2 teaspoons sugar
2 tablespoons sake or sweet white wine

6 thin slices fresh pineapple

2 tablespoons unhulled tahini
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon tamari
2 courgettes, thinly sliced
2 spring onions, green part only

4 large silver beet leaves, chopped

300g pumpkin, thinly sliced
Drizzle sesame oil

Combine the first seven ingredients in a bowl and stir to combine. Set aside to marinate.

Chop all veges and set aside. Combine tahini, sugar and tamari with 2-3 tablespoons hot water. Stir well to combine. This is your sesame sauce.

Drain pork, reserving marinade in a small saucepan. Bring marinade to a simmer and cook until reduced by half.

Meanwhile heat a spray of oil in a large pan or wok. Cook pork for a few minutes only, until browned and tender. Remove from pan and keep warm. Spray pan again and add pineapple. Cook for a minute each side, until browned and slightly caramelised. Set aside. 

Wipe out pan and add a few drops of sesame oil. Stir -fry courgettes and spring onions until soft, adding silver beet at the end of cooking to wilt leaves. 

Cook pumpkin slices in a steamer or the microwave until tender - about 4 minutes. Season and drizzle with sesame oil. 

Serve pork on top of pineapple slices and pour reduced marinade over. Serve pumpkin and greens on the side; drizzle the greens with sesame sauce. Enjoy!

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