Sunday, December 8, 2013

Masu with the ladies

We had a delightful evening on Thursday at Masu. It was a gathering of old friends and some of my favourite women - all foodies - so the pressure was on. I have to say it was a hit all round.

I went to the opening of Masu a few months ago, where we enjoyed tantalising tastes of what was to come out of the kitchen. Now it's all up and running the restaurant looks gorgeous and is buzzing, and it was exciting to try it in full swing.

I'll be back to the bar for after work drinks over the summer - I love the open air feel and the novel cocktails.

And I'll definitely be back for the tasting menu. This has to be one of the bargains of Auckland dining. For $88 each we enjoyed miso crayfish tacos, sashimi, sushi, pork gyoza, teriyaki salmon, lamb cutlets, robata grilled broccolini, kumara and a sensational dessert platter with all sorts of treats including hand-made ice cream and sorbet, miso ice cream, chocolate fondant with green tea powder, shawan mushi and more. All of it was delectable. Simple, flavour-filled and gorgeously presented. I felt like I was back in Japan a couple of times there.